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In general, there are three sectors of construction: buildings, infrastructure and industrial.Building construction is usually further divided into residential and non-residential (commercial/institutional). Infrastructure is often called heavy civil or heavy engineering that includes large public works, dams, bridges, highways, railways, water or wastewater and utility distribution

Building Construction

Building construction, the techniques and industry involved in the assembly and erection of structures, primarily those used to provide shelter.
Building construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate. Constructed shelters were one means by which human beings were able to adapt themselves to a wide variety of climates and become a global species.

Approval Plan

1.Survey/Site Plans:
A survey site plan is a plan of the property, drawn to scale, showing the true dimensions of the lot and the location and true dimensions of all existing and proposed structures. A copy of the most recent survey of the property is the preferred document for this purpose. Any recent or proposed structures can be drawn onto the survey.
2.Building Plans:
A floor plan of the existing and/or proposed structure.
A wall section showing the proposed foundation, framing, insulation and roofing. (Note: Additional details may be required depending upon the scope of work.)
Landscaping Plan: A single family residential landscaping plan for tree canopy is required that includes a standard calculation format to be printed on or attached to the plan.


Construction cost estimating is the process of forecasting the cost of building a physical structure. Of course, builders and clients both worry about the financial impact of cost overruns and failing to complete a project. That’s why they devote time and effort to estimating how much a project will cost before deciding to move forward with it. Clients considering large projects often seek multiple cost estimates, including those prepared by contractors and those calculated by independent estimators.

Elevation Drawing

On building projects, it is common for changes to be made during construction because of circumstances that emerge on site. As a result, it is common for as-built drawings to be prepared, either during the construction process or when construction is complete, to reflect what has actually been built.
The contractor will generally mark up changes to the ‘final construction issue’ drawings on-site using red ink, and these can then be used by the consultant team to create record drawings showing the completed project.
For more information see: As-built drawings and record drawings.